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Whom We Help

Commercial Insurers

We provide reserve analyses, Statements of Actuarial Opinion, rate studies, and formal rate filings with regulatory agencies, program design, assessment of loss limits and coverages, and evaluation of reinsurance treaties to derive optimum retentions and rate levels for our company clients.

We also provide feasibility studies and models to project results deriving from entry into other markets and coverages under dynamic assumptions. All of the above will be associated with statistical confidence levels to measure risk associated with these coverages and specific retentions.


We determine whether an entity will benefit by going into the alternative market area and assume the risks associated with those ventures. We derive optimum retention levels, by claim and in total, and estimate capital model needs, funding levels, and ongoing surplus requirements.

Self Insurance

Often, our clients wish to form a self-insurance program which, with a dedicated self-insurance trust fund, can respond to their specific claim profile and their individual risks. To that end, we derive funding and reserve levels, amounts of risk they should retain, and where needed, recommend excess coverage to ensure the self-insurer’s success and ongoing financial solidity.


Many of our clients are municipalities, which self insure up to a certain retention level per claim and in the aggregate. We calculate cash flow analyses, funding levels, and reserves, all at alternative statistical confidence levels.

Hospitals and Other Health Care Providers

These institutions often form either self-insurers or captives to manage risk and provide coverage to themselves and their constituents in the Medical Malpractice, General Liability,  and Worker’s Compensation areas. Some clients also self insure part of their property exposure, with higher deductible levels, in an effort to keep costs under control. We provide funding levels, reserve analyses, program design services, excess, and reinsurance advice in an effort to minimize risk and to not let a “bad” claim or a “bad” year compromise the financial integrity of their self-insurance or captive programs.


We provide audit support for major accounting firms, to determine whether their clients’ loss reserve liabilities are reasonably stated, and provide guidance in their other consulting services, as needed. While some of those support services are provided to the major firms who have their own actuaries, we also specialize in helping those firms who do not have actuaries, and who seek independent actuarial advice for their insurance-related clients.


We serve state insurance departments and regulators on their regular audit work, such as in risk-based examinations. Below is an excerpt from a regulator’s review of one of our projects.

(SGRisk) provided the draft report and opinion a week ahead of the agreed upon date…It is noted the report and all other communication with (SGRisk) has been timely, professional, and without incident or disagreement throughout the exam process.”

-State Insurance Department Examiner

Agents & Brokers

We provide an array of services to insurance agents and brokers trying to place business. We derive rating models to price business and determine the relative profitability of taking on a new risk. We help brokers to negotiate terms on an existing book of business by offering an independent viewpoint. We can also help agents with existing business to determine if any of their clients would benefit by self-insuring or obtaining commercial reinsurance. Often these are formal feasibility studies that involve future forecasts of the program’s profitability and solvency.

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